Affordable Housing

Income-Qualified Affordable Housing Program

We offer an Income-Qualified Affordable Housing Program so that every resident’s needs can be met without worrying about financial stress.

The Point at Rockridge offers a limited number of apartments at a discounted monthly rent to those residents meeting income-qualifying guidelines. These guidelines are established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Those residents who meet the program qualifications would be eligible for the following Base Rent pricing options, including the apartment, apartment maintenance, utilities (water, garbage, gas and electricity), invitation to participate in any community activities (activities with a charge would be the resident's responsibility), use of the community common space (such as resident laundry rooms, library, private dining room and movie theater), and daily observation with the security of having staff available 24/7.

Also included in the Income-Qualified Discount Program are the other services and benefits, which include three meals a day, daily transportation and weekly housekeeping. Laundry services are also available for an additional fee.

Additionally, all residents living in licensed assisted living communities must also have a current physician's report on file as well as a corresponding Assessment and Personal Care Service Plan conducted by community staff. If a resident does not need any personal care services, those fees will not be charged. If a resident does need any personal care services, the community will charge the resident the cost of the associated personal care service fees. If the resident is unable to afford the personal care services, the community will assist the resident in locating a more affordable environment to reside.

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